Viking Investments’ Rona Jaffe: Investing in Alternative Investments is a Smart Strategy

Viking Investments’ Rona Jaffe: Investing in Alternative Investments is a Smart Strategy

Rona and Rorqualsrów Jaffe, co-founders of alternative investments site Viking Investments, said they were excited about the company’s investments in alternative investments and said the idea for Alternative Investments was to use their investments to fund research into renewable energy and alternative energy technology.

The Jaffe brothers, who are also known for creating the popular investment website Wealthfront, started Alternative Investments in 2008, with the goal of creating investment products that were sustainable and focused on diversifying portfolios.

“We started out with a lot of ideas but it wasn’t until after our first investment, in the first quarter of 2012, that we realized that we needed to make a concerted effort to diversify,” Rona said.

“We saw a clear opportunity and thought, ‘Let’s do something for investors.'”

Rona and his brothers founded Viking Investments to explore how the traditional financial sector was affecting the global environment, as well as explore alternative investments.

“It was really a matter of trying to understand what the future held for investors and what they needed to know in order to be successful in the investment world,” Rorq said.

“There are lots of great investors, but you need to be careful not to fall into a trap of becoming too reliant on one specific investment vehicle.”

Rorq and Rona have spent the last five years developing their investment product, which includes a portfolio of mutual funds, ETFs, index funds, and asset allocation vehicles.

They have invested in alternative investment vehicles, such as solar power companies, solar energy producers, and renewable energy projects.

“I like to call it an asset allocation vehicle, or a diversified portfolio.

It is a way of creating diversified portfolios where you are diversifying across all of the assets in the portfolio,” Rora said.

The family started their venture with a $5 million investment in a solar power company in 2008.

Today, they invest in solar energy projects, solar power producers, solar farms, and solar energy suppliers.

The Jaffe Brothers have invested more than $2.5 million into alternative investments, including a solar energy project in Portugal.

The investment company, which also helps customers diversify their portfolios through their retirement plans, has more than 4,000 customers.

Rorj said that when people look at the amount of money that has been invested into the company, they usually think of the money that they would have saved or saved with a traditional fund.

“But the real money is made by those who are actually paying the money back,” Rór said.

Rórb said the investment company also has a large number of employees who work in the field.

Rorquasróws first venture investment, for a solar farm in Portugal, was funded by the family.

Rörq said that the investment was initially successful, with investors buying equipment and making money off the back of the solar farm.

“When the sun comes up, we make money on it.

But when it goes down, the money goes to the government.

The government does not pay the money.”

Rór and Rómós investments in renewable energy are also supported by other people who are not directly involved in the investments.

For example, Rörra is the founder of a solar project in Finland.

Roora has also invested in solar projects in Germany, South Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

“It’s great to see people who have their own interests and understand what it takes to actually be successful investing in alternative assets,” Rörr said, adding that this is an important part of the investment business.

Róra and Roori said that people who invest in alternative investing have a lot more options for investments than traditional financial firms.

“There are so many more avenues than a traditional investment firm to invest in,” Roorr said in a statement.

“This will give you the ability to make better investments than you might have imagined.”

For the Jaffes, alternative investments have given them an opportunity to diversize their portfolio, as they have more diversified investments, but also more diversification in different industries.

“You don’t want to be dependent on just one industry or one investment vehicle, you want to have diversified opportunities,” Rra said.

For more on alternative investments in the US, read our interview with the Jafre Brothers.

For the latest news on the US energy industry, check out this WSJ report.

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