Which country is the biggest investor in equities?

Which country is the biggest investor in equities?

Investment companies have long enjoyed strong returns on equity investments, but it has taken time to build up the returns of their debt.

The reason is that investors are paying more for their investment than for the debt it carries.

Investors are also paying less in interest to finance the investments.

The result?

Investing in equity companies has become a lot more expensive.

According to a recent research report by the National Association of Mutual Funds, US equities have risen in value from $1.05tn to $1tn since the 2008 financial crisis.

While the value of the stock market has increased since then, the average yield on the 10-year US Treasury note has risen by 4.9%.

Investment companies have been buying more debt and paying less for it, but there is no clear link between the rise in the price of debt and the value they have gained from their investments.

Investment firms are now investing more in debt.

The US debt market is valued at $1,000tn and this includes $1tr in US Treasury bonds, $400tr in corporate debt and $5tr in mortgage backed securities.

This increase in debt has created a gap in investment returns between US equity and the rest of the world, as countries such as Germany and Japan have shown.

This is the main reason why investors are turning to the equities markets. 

In this article, we will explore how investment companies are using debt and equity markets to generate significant returns.

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