‘I’ll go back to school in January’: Reddit’s Ben Smith to return to school as part of his $1M offer

‘I’ll go back to school in January’: Reddit’s Ben Smith to return to school as part of his $1M offer

Posted November 10, 2018 06:37:16 Reddit’s chief investment officer Ben Smith will return to college to study for a Bachelor of Business Administration in business management this month.

Mr Smith, who was named the most influential investor of the year at the 2017 Harvard Business Review, will attend Stellenbosch University in South Africa this month to complete a master’s degree in finance and investment management.

“I’m thrilled to be returning to school this year and am looking forward to a career in investing and being part of the community that helped build the internet,” Mr Smith said in a statement.

“The investment community at Reddit has been instrumental in driving this amazing journey and I’m looking forward the opportunities in the coming years.”

Mr Smith started his career as a financial planner and worked in the private equity industry for a decade before starting Reddit in 2015.

He has invested in several companies, including Airbnb and eBay, which have raised $20 billion.

Mr Trump has been critical of Mr Smith’s choice of university.

“Ben Smith has been a great addition to our company.

He has an excellent business background, has a good track record in financial services and has demonstrated an incredible commitment to our users,” Mr Trump wrote on Twitter on Thursday.”

His departure is a major loss for Reddit and the community.””

I wish him well, and I know he’ll make a wonderful investment in Reddit.”

Mr Trump’s comment sparked a debate on social media.

Some users said the former President should stay on Reddit.

“Reddit is a community of like-minded people who love and appreciate free speech and are proud to support it,” said Reddit user “BoratTheCat” on the social media platform.

“If Trump decides to go back, he’ll go to Harvard and start a business and probably get rich.

That would be great.”

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