How to get started with the new stock investment platform from ANZ

How to get started with the new stock investment platform from ANZ

Investors looking to take the plunge into the stock market may want to check out the ANZ Investment Platform.

Launched by ANZ last month, the platform is designed to give investors access to a wealth of data and tools to invest in the stock and bond markets.

“The ANZ Investing Platform is the most comprehensive portfolio management and asset allocation software in the industry,” ANZ Asset Management Director John Waddell said.

“Investors will have the ability to create portfolios with different asset classes, invest in stocks, bonds and options, and access over 40,000 data and analysis tools to help them make smart financial decisions.”

The platform is available for use on Mac and Windows PCs and is fully supported by the ANBIS API, allowing ANZ to create a single-user account for each account.

The ANBES API enables investors to create an account with the platform, and then create a portfolio using the platform to manage their investments.

It also allows users to view portfolio information, portfolio rebalancing, and other tools to make informed investment decisions.”ANZ Invest is the perfect way to diversify your portfolio and to make the most of your portfolio in a simple and easy-to-use way,” ANBAS Investment Manager Ian Hough said.

The platform allows users a range of features, including an index, portfolio tracking, asset allocation, and diversification tool.

The portfolio will then be displayed on the platform which will allow users to track their portfolio, manage their portfolio and manage their holdings, according to ANBEST.

Investors can access the ANIAPR website to see how the ANAAPR system is currently working, or simply check out our ANAAS MarketWatch article to see the latest ANAAR data.


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