‘Women are the future’: Former Goldman Sachs CEO says women should be investing

‘Women are the future’: Former Goldman Sachs CEO says women should be investing

Female entrepreneurs are poised to emerge as the future of the investment world, and that includes investing in women’s businesses.

While the majority of the money generated by female companies is coming from the private sector, some of that investment will be coming from investors in the public market.

According to a new report from Women on Board, the number of women investing in companies and industries in the U.S. has increased from 5.6 percent of the total stock market to 10.9 percent in 2018.

This is partly due to the recent recession, which has seen a significant number of female executives leave the industry.

The report also noted that women have increased their percentage of companies’ total capital expenditures from 8.6 to 9.2 percent, and have seen a 4.5 percent increase in their share of venture capital funding.

In addition to women, female entrepreneurs also have been taking a leadership role in other areas, with the report citing a recent report by the Economic Policy Institute, which found that women comprise 10.7 percent of venture capitalists, and are responsible for 25 percent of women in senior management positions.

While women are more likely to work at the beginning of their careers and later on in their careers, the report found that they are also more likely than men to be laid off during a recession.

Women have a much higher risk of being laid off than men.

The Women on Boards report said that although women have a significant share of senior leadership roles in many industries, they still remain underrepresented at the top of the management ranks, which is why they are considered a more strategic and dynamic investment group.

The study noted that many women believe that women are not valued enough by their companies, while they are often ignored when companies seek to recruit or hire them.

It also noted an alarming trend, with women making up just 11 percent of CEOs in the Fortune 500, but the report noted that they accounted for nearly half of all CEO pay in 2018, and the CEOs of large corporations like Apple and Microsoft made up about a third of all executives.

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