New report: Investors were more optimistic in the first quarter of 2017 than they were a year ago

New report: Investors were more optimistic in the first quarter of 2017 than they were a year ago

A new report by McKinsey and Company found investors were optimistic about the coming year, but they were more likely to be optimistic about 2017 than in 2016.

The report, titled “The Great Uprising: Is There a Market for High-Tech and/or High-Priced Services?” says the stock market is in a state of high-risk.

“As a result, investors are more likely than in recent years to be skeptical of the future and believe that companies may be less attractive to potential buyers and sellers in the near-term,” McKinsey writes.

It found that only 12 percent of investors were more confident in the coming 12 months than they had been a year earlier.

That is the lowest percentage of investors in the study’s history, according to the company.

Still, it is good news for investors, as the report found the stock markets were a great place to invest and investors were making big returns in the stock and bond markets.

McKinsey says investors were bullish on the stock indexes, which were up 2 percent last year.

Investors are more optimistic about their companies than they have been in recent memory, the report finds.

Investors were less confident about companies, especially in the tech sector, but were more upbeat about their bond and stock markets, the study found.

More companies are making money and they are better at delivering, but investors are less confident in their ability to deliver, the McKinsey report found.

And they are less likely to expect a return on their investment than they used to be.

We are optimistic that investors will continue to buy stocks that are attractive to them and that their companies will deliver on their promises to the world, the firm says.

In the past, investors were less optimistic about tech companies, the company says, noting that there are several reasons for that.

The stock market’s rally in the last few years has come from a range of factors, including the rise of Amazon and Alibaba, which are companies that are focused on making money.

Other factors, the research firm says, include the global economy that is moving forward, which is showing signs of improving, and the increased confidence among people in their country of residence about their financial health.

Companies that are more focused on their business strategy and the ability to attract the right talent are more attractive to investors.

The study notes that investors are likely to believe that investors can get the right skills and be successful at the companies they invest in.

But for now, investors seem more concerned about their future and their future earnings prospects than they did a year or two ago.

If they were to invest the money they are investing now in a company that is not performing well, they will lose that money over time and it will have a negative impact on their return, the analysts say.

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