Spy futures investing picks up, analyst says

Spy futures investing picks up, analyst says

By Dan Mowat | 7 September 2018 04:59:54Traders in the Spy futures markets have been on a tear, up a staggering 40% over the past month.

The rise has been driven by the recent fall in the dollar, which has hurt the US dollar-denominated price of the futures market.

In addition, US stocks are trading lower and more volatile than expected.

The recent rise has seen the SPY futures markets outperform the market average by up to 50%.

This is despite the fact that US equities have been flat for most of the year.

This means that traders are betting on the continuation of the rally, as investors take the plunge into the markets and cash out their positions in the US equals.

It also means that the SPy futures market has now made up for any losses in the first half of the decade, according to a report from the firm.

The market is now worth over $100bn, according a report by the S&P Global Ratings.

Spy futures is the main investment platform in the futures markets.

The firm says it currently holds $20bn in the market, with a $7bn total market cap.

The firm says the average price of a contract is about $1,500 per contract, with average volumes ranging from $5.3bn to $19.9bn.

This makes it the biggest market in the world, according the firm, and one of the largest markets in the Americas.

However, as the US economy continues to weaken, the US stock market has been in freefall for the past year, according some analysts.

Investors are now trying to cash out positions in US stocks, in order to make up for the loss in the last six months of the US market.

It is not only equities that are falling, but also other sectors, such as consumer and business.

The S&P 500 index has been trading down for the last month, according an index tracker by Thomson Reuters.

The index is now down nearly 9% this year, while the Nasdaq has fallen more than 10%.

The S and P 500 index are the two largest indexes in the country, and the Dow Jones has also lost about a third of its value in the past six months.

There are also signs that investors are now looking at other assets, including gold, the S & P 500 is down more than 4% this week.

The markets are also now looking to the future.

The SPY has a number of investors investing in gold.

Investor Daniel Mowatt, who is a partner at Cramer Investment Partners, told the Financial Post: “I think the market is looking for a return to some form of gold.

The bull market is over, and there are other opportunities for gold.

I don’t see the SPR as being the gold market right now.”

He also said that the market was becoming increasingly diversified.

Investment analyst David Jellis of Cowen &amp.

Matheson said the recent rally in SPY was a good sign that the markets were becoming more diversified, and were likely to continue this trend for a while.

He said that as the bull market was over, investors were trying to make their positions diversify.

“Investors seem to be moving towards gold,” he said.

“They’re not moving towards silver, and they’re not doing it for gold, but they’re doing it in gold.”

“I think we’re going to see a gradual move towards a return in gold, and that could start sometime next year.”

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