How to win the 2018 Fidelity Career Match

How to win the 2018 Fidelity Career Match

Fidelity has put out a new career match for career seekers looking to break into the business world.

The opportunity to earn $10,000 in a career match from Fidelity will be available starting today for those who sign up on the Fidelity.com site.

“This match is an excellent opportunity for career professionals who want to become the next superstar,” said Fidelity President and CEO Kevin Fertig.

“We want to encourage the next generation of leaders to seize this opportunity to become leaders of tomorrow and change the world for the better.” 

Fidelity has added new career opportunities for career growth in the last few years, including the hiring of more than 100 new employees to staff its headquarters and regional offices in New York City, Florida, Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington, D.C. The new career matching opportunity will provide more than $3,000 to the person’s new career goal.

For example, an entry-level associate can earn $3 to $6 per hour. 

“Fidelity is proud to offer a career matching match that will help people become more effective leaders of their careers,” Fertic said.

“It’s also an opportunity to give back to our valued communities and our valued employees. 

We want everyone who applies for the career match to have the opportunity to work with the people who are leading our mission, which is to make life better for everyone.” 

The career match is a career opportunity that has already been offered by Fidelity in the past. 

According to the company, the career matching program began in 2013 with the F.I.P.E.M. Program, which was created to help help people with life challenges.

The F.E./P.O.R.M./L.


R program was launched in 2015 to help job seekers who are experiencing career setbacks find ways to work towards a higher career goal, including a college degree, career advancement and a higher salary. 

F.E., P.O., and L.E.-L.


R were introduced in 2017 to provide opportunities for the new career entry-point. 

In 2019, Fidelity launched the FLEX Career Match Program, and this year, F.L.T.L., F.P., FLE and L.-E.-P.

R will all be available for people to apply for. 

This new career program will help those seeking a career with the financial sector better understand the needs and career goals of the job market, and provide career opportunities that can support career advancement. 

About Fidelity Investments Fellow Fidelity investor David Sacks and CEO of Fidelity Investment Management, Keith McAdam, are leading the FFI business.

The company was founded in 1932 by John J. Fitch, who made the investment decisions that built Fidelity’s empire and created a model for the rest of the financial services industry. 

A career at Fidelity involves working with the world’s leading financial institutions to deliver the best possible financial products and services to our clients. 

For more information on Fidelity, visit www.fidelity.us/jobs. 

SOURCE Fidelity

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